Our Pastors


Pastor Gary
 Senior Pastor Gary Johnson

More than thirty years ago, CCH began as a home Bible study. There were no plans, aspirations or schemes to be anything more than that. As the Bible study began to grow, it became obvious that God had another purpose in mind. After discussing matters with my pastor, Chuck Smith, and spending hours in prayer; I was encouraged to begin a “pioneer work,” developing a new church plant in the valley. Following Pastor Chuck’s vision for Calvary Chapels and style, we developed a contemporary approach without compromising the Word of God. To this day we have a fashionable style of worship and an expository style of teaching, indicative of Calvary Chapels around the world.

  Paul and Judy

 Assistant Pastor Paul Krager

I was raised in a Christian family and have been in church all my life. My father was a Southern Baptist preacher who was more like a missionary pastor to small churches in the NE Oklahoma area. He would preach at a little country church and some times his pay might be a chicken as the little church did not have money. I was born again in 1951 and have wanted to serve the Lord all my life. Maybe my father’s example showed seed in my heart that being a pastor or serving God in any capacity was never about money; it was about serving God, doing what He wants me to be doing.

God called me into the ministry in 1964. For years I filled in for several churches in Kansas when they were without a pastor. In the 70’s I pastored a Southern Baptist Church and a non denominational church. In the 80’s I was self employed doing landscaping and building swimming pools and involved in home Bible Studies.
My college education was acquired at Grand Canyon College in Phoenix AZ in 1968-70 and many years later I was blessed to go to and graduate from Calvary Chapel Bible College in 1992-93 when it was in Twin Peaks.

For 14 years I pastored Calvary Chapel Green Country in Owasso OK, a suburb of Tulsa. In 2009, by a move that only God could orchestrate, we came to Hemet where I am an assistant pastor. One of my greatest blessings at CCH is leading the Bible Study as pastor of the 50+ every Thursday morning, something my wife and I both love and enjoy doing.

My wife, Judy, and I have been married for 50 years. We have three sons and one daughter who have enriched our lives with 17 grandchildren and one great granddaughter.


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Youth Pastor Victor Soto

What an amazing journey my life has been so far, watching God’s plan for my life unfold.  It is by His hand that I am now blessed to be serving as Youth Pastor at Calvary Chapel Hemet where, Lord willing, I can help to make a difference in the lives of our youth.

Having come from a background of drugs, violence and gangs, I found myself on the path to destruction, not knowing at the time that I was running away from God’s calling to be a Pastor.  However, by His grace and the constant prayers of my family, I realized that God had another path planned for me.  I slowly began to turn my life over to Him and at age 27, through total surrender, my relationship with Jesus Christ began.

Graduating from Mt. San Jacinto College and having taken many courses at the Calvary Chapel School of Ministry, I was ordained in 2012, and served as Assistant Pastor at a local non-denomination church in Hemet.

God has blessed me with my loving and devoted wife Rosemary and together we have five beautiful and very athletic children, Mary, Anysa, Victor Jr., Brianna and Aubry.

My prayer is that God will continue to use my family and me in service to Him and for His glory.